Kashmir, Heaven on Earth, definitely that’s a true saying.

             ضلع وادی نیلم

It was my second time visiting to Kashmir, and I must say you can’t get enough of its beauty. Neelum Valley is its most beautiful valley. Its quite long which runs besides Neelum valley.

Mainly when you decided to Visit Kashmir there are 5 to 6 destinations where you can spend your nights. But If you are a true adventurer than this is not for you, you can stay anywhere you want 🙂

Destinations where you can stay:
Arang Kel

However I planned my trip as 4 nights and 5 days tour.

My trip was start from capital, I left Islamabad around 9 AM in morning.
After 3 hours of drive we stopped at Kohala. its pretty good spot if you want to wet your feet with cold ice water.
Since we need to reach Muzaffarabad around lunch timings, so we decided to stay for just 45 mins and then left.

Approx after 2 hours we reach Muzaffarad. 

After having lunch, we left for our next destination which was Keran. 
We reached there around 7 PM yes it was late we suppose to reach there around 5 PM but staying at multiple spots and spending much time at Muzaffarabad we got late in our schedule.

Oh Yeah ! Forgot to tell you that its a bad news for those who love social apps coz there is no reception after neelum jhulum Dam which is soon after crossing Muzaffarabad.

At Keran we stayed at —-Hotel which was ok but according to Keran it was one of the best. yeah there was no internet connectivity. I was informed that there is no reception of any Mobile network in Keran even SAT Com, but latter I found that, there were some hotels which offered internet connectivity. 
Hotel has good open place for B.B.Q so they served as a live B.B.Q dishes which was a nice experience in cold weather.
After having nice dinner, we had a good session of Sheesha and Kahmiri Chai with playing cards.

So our first day of trip came to an end on 11 PM and we all were asleep till 12 PM may be. O_o

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