Karachi Stalwarts Leo Club

Karachi Stalwarts Leo Club, affiliated with Lions Club International, it is the name of our club which me and my friends started in school days. My best friend Arsalan, first thought of this idea and he convinced all of us including me, Faiz, Sumsam and Raza.

And after that our more friends joined our hands and we started a social organization whose sole purpose was to sponsor poor children to study in the same school in which we were studying.

We decided to affiliate our organization with Lions club International, under the name of KSLC (Karachi Stalwarts Leo Club)

We started collecting donations from our family, friends, neighbors and by visiting different universities, institutes and corporate organizations. In a very short period of time we achieved our goals by fully sponsoring 30 students to get proper and quality education.

unfortunately, we stopped the collective work after getting admissions in professional institutes due to the tough schedule and routine, but we five continue to work individually, we keep our dream alive and start sponsoring those students by ourselves.

Number of students reduced, now we all are sponsoring 2 to 3 students each and paying their monthly school fees by ourselves. All thanks to Almighty Allah.

So any one of you want to contribute, please contact me, I can introduce you to the students which are willing to study but can’t due to their financial problems. or you can donate me if you want.

This is as short as possible I can write about my organization and my life as a social worker, the whole point was to ask for your help.